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I am a college student on the budget, so money is always very tight for me. I wanted to go home for the summer, but didn’t want to ask my parents to ship my car. I used Cheap Car Shipping to find a company I could afford, so I could take the train home. Worked perfectly, as the site found me a company to ship my car on my meager budget. The service was excellent and my car arrived on time. My parents were grateful that I handled and paid for it on my own.

– Jody Martin
Buffalo, NY

As a single mother, I don’t have a large budget for extras. But when I decided to move closer to my family in Pensacola, FL, I knew that I couldn’t drive my three kids in a car for 18 hours. I used the Cheap Car Shipping website to find a deal and what a great one I found. I was able to ship my vehicle for much less than I would have paid using any other site and the best part was the process went off without a hitch, which is very unusual in my life. Thanks to Cheap Car Shipping, this was the easiest part of my move.

– Amy Cooney
Pensacola, FL

My family and I are avid couponers. We find ways to save on everything. But you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find coupons for car shipping. It was an expense we always incurred at full price. When I found Cheap Car Shipping, I was ecstatic. No more worrying about finding coupons for auto transport; this site offers enough budget-friendly alternatives that I often feel as though I am already using a coupon. For anyone in need of saving money, I would certainly recommend this site.

– Tim Hardy
Chattanooga, TN

I lost my job and found another across the country. I had no idea how I was going to drive the U-Haul and get my car moved. I am so thankful I found Cheap Car Shipping, since mine was certainly a do-it-yourself move. The rates I got through this site were so much lowers than any other quotes I received on the Internet. Saving me a ton of money, the company I chose from Cheap Car Shipping got my car moved and ensured that it arrived in one piece. I couldn’t have asked for more.

– Joe Helmsley
Seattle, WA